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Case1・・・ Company A


We wanted to develop our new product. But it was first time to develop the products. So we consulted with various companies.
But it takes long time and costs much money to develop the new products, So we almost gave up developing the new product.
Then we found the website of Heisei Technology.
Heisei suggested us not only the specification of the products which we wanted to develop but also materials of metal mold, the strength of materials and the shape of the products which it is easy for our customers to use.
In terms of budget, compared with other companies, Heisei can reduce the cost of developing. This is really helpful.
Now we consult with Heisei about not only products but also various things. Thank you so much.

Case2・・・Company B


We are the company which develops software. We developed new software, so we had been looking for the company which manufactures hardware.
We had contact with various companies, but the cost of the product of which we need the specification is expensive. So we couldn’t proceed with this plan.
At that time, Our connection introduce us Heisei.
Our product is often used in the place which could cause failure of our product , so we wanted to make the product equipped with high performance backup function. Heisei suggested us good solution to meet our demand that Heisei customize the ready-made product. We could get the hardware which is low-cost and good design by the solution. So now we suggest our product to our customer with confidence.


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